Certified Organic and Natural Foods Supplier and Distributor for Nigeria and West Africa!

Quality Guarantee

We import and grow our own organic wholefoods directly and distribute in Nigeria and West African countries. We are very committed that the natural food we bring in are from reliable sources and certified organic by recognised certification bodies.


People think that natural food is a great idea, but just too expensive. Not true. We aim to be as competitive as we can be on price, and we often manage to undercut some of our competitors. Bet it upsets them! It’s because we can buy direct from the suppliers for many products.

Our services

Our consulting unit provides expert advice to food processing companies and government agencies in the area of organic foods productions and regulations .
We organise seminars/conferences, training, health talks and workshops for corporate organisation on healthy living for their workforce.

Our Philosopy

Creating a holistic sustainable business model, which inspires, promotes and supports True Wellness and respect for all Beings and for Mother Nature.


"Rayumi is helping people prolong and enjoy their life"

That's what majority of our customers say. There used to be a perception that ‘natural’ food meant heavy, chewy stuff that was worthy, good for you but inedibly dull. We’ve never seen it that way. To us, there’s no point eating something unless you enjoy it. That’s why we stock things that, quite simply, taste better.

So much of what we buy in supermarkets today is processed, unnatural, packed with chemical colours, preservatives and flavour enhancers. We really don’t see why it should have to be that way. There are two reasons. It’s simply not how you were designed to eat, and eating real food... read more