As a trained herbalist, I’ve spent years researching the science behind God created natural food and the relationship between good nutrition and good health.

I’m also a big believer in taking charge of our own health – because leaving it up to Big Agriculture, Big Pharma, Big Business and Big Government isn’t working out so well.

Modern science coupled with Big Business and BigAg have made whirlwind changes in our food supply. Some of these changes have led to increased yields and possibly other benefits.

Worse yet, there’s compelling evidence that many of those changes – processing, artificial ingredients, treatment with pesticides – are making us sick.

Just two examples come to mind. Did you know that the FDA says you can call something whole grain if only 51% of it comes from whole grain – which means 49% is NOT whole grain? Or that this same government bureaucracy recently made the ridiculous assertion that pizza is vegetable?

During the same 20 years our food has been undergoing these sometimes confusing changes, we’ve seen a rise in diseases and health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis,Hypertension, allergies, ADHD, autism, and chronic autoimmune disorders. Worse yet, many of these conditions – which used to affect adults – are showing up in children and young adults.

I happen to believe that the increase in chronic inflammatory illnesses and the recent increase in food sensitivities and allergies have much to do with a disregard of the natural process.

Africans have lagged behind other countries in recognizing that the food we put in our bodies can harm – or heal – us. "The develop world" only recently begun to recognize that what we eat can often cause disease. The solution? Avoid the food culprits that contribute to diseases like diabetes and celiac.

The pharmaceutical industry, the medical community and our government still have not recognized the healing power in certain foods. It’s time we started paying more attention to how we can improve our health, prolong life, and stop this vicious circle of poor health-high medical costs-more drugs-leading to even poorer health.

We could learn a lot from Thomas Edison, who said: "The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition."

R. Busari
President, Rayumi Ltd.