Rayumi best depicts what our products and our company are about: products that are truly natural. And because our line of products have grown so popular, we are now expanding our product line to include additional products – including cosmetics, cereals and flours – made from other high-quality natural ingredients. Stay tuned as we roll out new products!

We only sell natural products that have been created by God and have been around for tens of thousands of years, not man-made. Unlike modern wheat or table salt. Our products have not been hybridized, genetically modified,tampered or otherwise altered.

Why does that matter to you?

Nutrition. Ancient grains,salts and sweets contain all the major nutrient groups: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. And because they have not been hybridized and genetically modified, they deliver those nutrients in a pure form – a form our bodies recognize and find easy to digest.

Taste. Our customers confirm this for us everyday: Ancient and natural products taste good. Rich. Full. Nutty. The way God created them. Unlike their modern cousins which have had most of flavor variations hybridized and processed out of them.

Health. Better nutrition means better health. Hippocrates told us this as long ago as 400 BC: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


Coconut Oil

Raw, Cold Expeller Pressed and Unrefined. The fresh coconut meat is not exposed to air and bacterial growth during extraction. It has a mild, almost sweet coconut flavour, aroma and... → details

Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil

Cold pressed. Grown without pesticides by small scale farmers in Uganda and Ghana. Not yet certified organic but will be so in the future. Keeps 4-5 years.This is a fatty oil with a subtle... → details


Sea Salt Fine

This sea salt is hand-harvested from the Natural Reserve in The gold coast, western region of Africa. It is known for its highest quality natural unprocessed salt produced from salt basins... → details


Maple syrup

When you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, don’t forget to consider using maple syrup which contains fewer calories and a high concentration of mineral than honey. Maple syrup is one of ... → details


Black honey

Harvested from forest regarded as one of the best raw unfiltered honey in the world contain the most nutrition required by our body to stay energetic, healthier and look youthfulness... → details


Black Rice

Powerful, very Nutritious and full of antioxidants. Health Benefits: prevention of cancer; prevention of diabetes; prevention of heart disease; prevention of Alzheimer's disease; prevent... → details


Spelt Spaghetti

Wholegrain spaghetti is far more flavoursome and nutritious than standard white pasta. This spaghetti is a particularly high-quality wholegrain pasta with a rough texture that ab... → details


Pure granulated maple sugar FINE

100% made of pure maple syrup from the condensation of the sugar maple tree's sap picked up during springtime.This high quality maple... → details


Ancient grains

Ancient wisdom on how we can eat healthier. Ancient grains bring us back to simpler, purer food and Rayumi believes they may be a solution for so many issues that are surfacing around modern... → details